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May 24, 2013
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Would Have Been Nice to Know... by HappyCamperCreations Would Have Been Nice to Know... by HappyCamperCreations
Alright, I know Celestia probably doesn't know either, but I thought this was a fun idea. Poor Twilight. :)

Like usual, if it's terrible, tell me why, so I can learn.

EDIT: Why, hello there, EQD. Nice to see you! :D


What I learned:

I can't decide if I really liked working on this or really didn't. I think I liked it more than I didn't, but a couple of things were a painnnn. But, you learn from dumb mistakes. :)

Learned things:

-Don't decide that you want Twilight's head to be smaller AFTER you've drawn everything (blahhhhhhhhh)
-Even tiny little mistakes are super noticeable (jagged edges, little cuts in the lines etc.) (and they're a pain to fix)
-Crazy Twilight is fun to draw :)
-It's official. I really don't like drawing hands. (sorry, Lyra)

The last panel was the hardest mainly because I had no reference pictures to refer to (well, except for the obvious scene that it's supposed to mirror, but she was in pony form then), and I'm not used to drawing humans yet. It turned out better than I expected (which isn't saying much; my original sketch was terrible, so I wasn't really expecting much when I started drawing on the computer). I don't think anything's tooooo off.

I messed around a little bit with lighting (especially in the mirror pictures). I also paid a little bit more attention to detail, and I worked with my tendency to be lazy with backgrounds (I made the subjects fill up most of the page, so I didn't have to deal with them for a few of the panels). I also messed around a bit with camera angles. I think my facial expressions have improved a bit. And nothing really looks too too weird, so I guess I improved on that a bit too. :)
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lunaisbestpony1 Mar 12, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
Trollestia strikes again!
woah... woah... Celestia,you troll Princess Celestia Icon Profile 
:iconcelestiascaredplz: clestia is mad of u twilight
cupa777 Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is a very good point. She said that Twilight would soon know more than she did, but that implies that Celestia knew at least something. And I would assume that part of that something would be you turn into an freaking human. 
Did Celestia provide her a place to sleep, by that, I mean let her know where she's staying while she's there, to sleep and what not, or did she just leave that up to her to figure out?
lunastudios90 Aug 9, 2013
stupid sister.
3rd 4th and 5th slide: bootleg Celestia
wolfloverizzy Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
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